Programs examine important topics and issues impacting all of us through the lens of health and wellness. We highlight the questions, challenges and struggles people typically face in everyday life. In each of our programs we clarify the issues and provide useful information, pragmatic tips, and resources.
Live Show - Infertility~ Dealing with the Inconceivable.

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approaching, Dr. Fritz & Melissa talk about the psychological impact and treatment process of infertility as well as the related legal issues. They are joined by Zoey Mendoza an INCIID ( scholarship recipient, Scott Brown, California Cryobank ( , and Melissa Brisman, Esq., Reproductive Possibilities, LLC ( Air Date 4/26/12

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Resilience is the process of adapting, coping, and recovering from the challenges, stresses and traumas of life. During this episode we are joined by legendary jazz musician Pat Martino who was struck down in his prime by a near fatal aneurism in 1980. Listen in as we talk about his remarkable recovery and philosophy on life. Air Date 4/19/12

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Getting taxes done on time can be a stressful experience. Dr Fritz along with co-host Melissa Nicoletti and guest Sean Reed talk about why we have so much trouble getting it done. Dr Fritz offers some tips on how to break the procrastination habit and Sean talks about what can be done with the refund.  Air Date 4-12-12

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Live Show - Hypnosis

We are hypnotized on the daily basis by the multitude of stimuli that direct our attention. From internal thoughts to commercial advertisements, we go in and out of hypnotic trances frequently. Dr. Fritz and co-host Melissa Nicoletti along with live callers explore the prevalence of hypnosis in everyday life.
Episode 22 - 4/4/12

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