Programs examine important topics and issues impacting all of us through the lens of health and wellness. We highlight the questions, challenges and struggles people typically face in everyday life. In each of our programs we clarify the issues and provide useful information, pragmatic tips, and resources.

We are talking to Ila Lane Gross the founder of LEAP, an organization that has been providing art and music education in the schools since 1977 and has directly taught over two million students and counting. During this episode we talk about the need for art and music education in our school systems and the psychology of how this inclusion can facilitate the learning of other subjects including math and science. Air Date 5/31/12

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Mindful Eating - Interview with Joy Pierson, Bart Potenza and Sten Ulfsson

Dr. Fritz and Melissa are focusing "MINDFUL EATING" and the effects of food on our mood and behavior. Our guests include Bart Potenza and Joy Pierson of the internationally known and celebrity frequented Candle Cafe (, and Vegetarian Swedish Comedian Sten Ulfsson. We are treated to a call from Dr. Susan Albers author numerous books on the topic mindful eating (

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Living a Regretless Life - Interview with Wali Colins

What happens when two comedians and a psychologist enter the studio? A lively conversation about the psychological benefits of humor and encouragement. Listen in as we are joined by motivational speaker and author, WALI COLLINS ( as we explore the psychology of comedy his book, "Y'NEVANO, Living a Regretless Life". Air Date 5/17/12

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Fitness, 1000 Steps and Holistic Running

We all know that exercise, fitness, and healthy eating are good for our physical well being but the psychological benefits are often overlooked. During this episode, we highlight some of the mental benefits of exercise and fitness and the transformational opportunities of ultra running. Guests include Lisa Priestly, Health Coach, master trainer and yoga instructor ( and ultra runner Adam Gerber who will share his experiences having completed 50 and 100 mile runs. Air Date 5/10/12

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Special Episode - Disconnected Youth

Students filmmakers from the Educational Video Center ( visit the WWRL studios and talk about how EVC is teaching them how to make documentary films. They also discuss their work on this semester’s important documentary topic: “Disconnected Youth” which will premiere June 6th at Lincoln Center.  Air Date 5/3/12

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