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Supersize Life

What is enjoyment? Well, it’s not about ‘fun’, it's not about vices. Enjoyment is more akin to contentment. In a city and world where we work too much, how can we find the time to enjoy life? How do you and your partner cultivate a relationship where your interests are shared, enjoyed, and experienced together for a less unhappy….more….enjoyable life?

Listen in as we talk about something vital to a good life: "supersizing" our time on earth to include awesome, meaningful stuff. Bills can wait. 

I loved this discussion because we can all relate. We all know someone (even ourselves) who say ‘no’ to pure, good enjoyment, and ‘yes’ to work. Here, we offer you permission to stop that! Go do something!

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Creating a safe space at work
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What does your anxiety look like?


While anxiety is inextricably linked with being alive, it manifests differently for everyone. Sanaa and Dr. Fritz discuss the definition of anxiety and what the process is for alleviating certain types of anxiety. How do you define anxiety? Is it an emotion or a physical pain or something else? What do you do after you figure it out? 

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