Programs examine important topics and issues impacting all of us through the lens of health and wellness. We highlight the questions, challenges and struggles people typically face in everyday life. In each of our programs we clarify the issues and provide useful information, pragmatic tips, and resources.

In this episode, Dr. Justin Tausig EdD LMHC,  a Sport and Performance Consultant, interviews professional boxer Dashaun "TooSweet" Johns @TeamTooSweet. 

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Supersize Life

What is enjoyment? Well, it’s not about ‘fun’, it's not about vices. Enjoyment is more akin to contentment. In a city and world where we work too much, how can we find the time to enjoy life? How do you and your partner cultivate a relationship where your interests are shared, enjoyed, and experienced together for a less unhappy….more….enjoyable life?

Listen in as we talk about something vital to a good life: "supersizing" our time on earth to include awesome, meaningful stuff. Bills can wait. 

I loved this discussion because we can all relate. We all know someone (even ourselves) who say ‘no’ to pure, good enjoyment, and ‘yes’ to work. Here, we offer you permission to stop that! Go do something!

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Creating a safe space at work
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What does your anxiety look like?


While anxiety is inextricably linked with being alive, it manifests differently for everyone. Sanaa and Dr. Fritz discuss the definition of anxiety and what the process is for alleviating certain types of anxiety. How do you define anxiety? Is it an emotion or a physical pain or something else? What do you do after you figure it out? 

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7-25-13 - On "Ask Dr. Fritz", Dr. Fritz and Melissa are talking about ""Everyday Therapists". In particular, we are talking with people who often have people telling them their personal business. Everyday therapists include bartenders, hairdressers, and cabdrivers to name a few of professional to which people spill their guts to... 
What secrets do people share with nonprofessionals? Why do they open up the skeleton closet to someone not ethically bound to keep their secrets? Are there other professions that get an earful? Do people tell you their stuff? 
Who do you share yours with? Our guests are: Hairstylist; Adeline Chung-Feder and former NYC Cab Driver-turned professional comedian and author: Jimmy Failla.

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Spy the lie !!!

7-18-13 - Imagine how different your life would be if you could tell whether someone was lying or telling you the truth. Be it hiring a new employee, investing in a financial interest, speaking with your child about drugs, confronting your significant other about suspected infidelity, or even dating someone new, having the ability to unmask a lie can have far-reaching and even life-altering consequences. During this hour on "Ask Dr. Fritz", Dr. Fritz and Melissa are talking with former CIA officer MIKE FLOYD, one of the authors of "SPY THE LIE" who will be sharing some of his proven techniques for DETECTING a LIE!!! 

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Parenting and discipline: To spank or not

6/27/13 – Hour 2 – When it comes to providing discipline for children, one controversial topic is spanking. Over the past three decades spanking has fallen out of favor but when you survey american households many still believe that it is a valid parenting technique. During this hour we are joined by live callers and parenting expert Jamie Klassel Weiner M.A., MHC-LP.

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6/27/13 - Over 60 percent of Americans households have a pet. This is almost 220 millions animals not including several million extra fish. The psychological benefits of pet ownership are plentiful. During this hour we talk about those benefits and are joined by pet owner and entrepreneur Howie Binder of the pet spa Doggie Do and Play Too (

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6/20/13 – Hour 2 - On “Ask Dr.Fritz” we’re talking about “HUMOR THERAPY” with Bill Drewes of non-profit “GOTHAM COMEDY FOUNDATION” and Lawyer-turned-Comedian Alex Barnett of ”COMEDIANS AT LAW”.

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6/13/13 - Dr Fritz is joined by seven students who took part in one of the largest public exhibitions of art in New York City Parks history. They were students of a program called "LeAp" - Learning through an expanded arts program. LEAP is a hands-on, arts-based approach to teaching the academic curriculum integrating it with socially relevant issues, topics, and themes.

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6/6/13 - Since the Sandy Hook shootings, gun control and gun violence has been in the headlines and very much on the minds of many Americans. Listen in for this two hour conversation where we explore this complex issue.

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5/30/13 - Hour 2 - What would happen if you put professional video cameras in the hands of youth (ages 16 to 21) and taught them how to make documentaries about social issues affecting their communities? The result is the Educational Video Center (EVC.ORG). Since 1984, this organization has students how to make documentary films depicting the social issues of our times. Listen in as we hear students talk about their current films on bullying and dating violence.

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Picking the right dress

5/30/13 - Hour 1  - Terry Hall from Kleinfelds in NYC joins us for a lively conversation about the how personality and personal vision influences the choice of a wedding dress. He makes a case for why the groom should care.

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Science fiction, alien invasion, and cryogenics

Episode 67 - 1/31/13 – What would you do if you were faced with a sudden life threatening catastrophe? You may already know the answer if you endured 9/11, or made it through a natural disaster such as  hurricane Sandy. During this episode, we talk with Keith Josef Adkins the writer and director of a new provocative sci-fi series, “The Abandon”,  that follows a group of African American men and women after a catastrophic alien invasion. We are also joined by Scott Brown of California Cryobank to talk about where science fiction meets life and about what is really possible with today’s cryogenic technologies.

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12-20-12 During this hour we are joined by Carol Levine who directs the United Hospital Fund’s Families and Health Care Project, Gail Hunt the President and CEO of the National Alliance for Caregiving, and Gregory Johnson of Emblem Health.

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12-13-12 "What do you expect of customer service? Who deserves a tip?" During this hour we're talking with the "Guru of Gratuity" and author of the wildly popular "Waiter Rant" and "Keep the Change", Steve Dublanica!

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Family Caregiving Part 5: Legal and Financial

12-6-12 - This is the fifth of a seven part series on family careging sponsored by Emblem Health. During this hour we are joined by attorney Robert Freedman and finance expert Adrian Berg about the legal and financial issues in family caregiving.

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Reading and literacy

11/29/12 - What's your favorite childhood book or story? Were you read to as a child? During this hour we examine the importance of reading to children and we are joined by Sean Reed who is working on a children's series that will excite the imaginations of children and inspire them to explore Science and Math. Support Sean by going to the Milo and Bruno Kickstarter page (

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Family Caregiving Part 4: Maintaining the spiritual

11/22/12 – Caring for someone who is sick or disabled can take it’s toll mentally, physically and spiritually. During this hour we talk with Cynthia Burke and Kate Lamb of Friends in Deed and Rev. Marion Gambardella who is a teacher,Spiritual counselor, Minister and Healing Therapist.

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The Devotion Project

11/15/12 -  We’re talking about the continuing Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts with Paddy Tubz our “Man on The Scene” in The Rockaways and Breezy Point, as well as chatting with filmaker/director Tony Osso about his award winning series, “The Devotion Project.”

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Recovering from Sandy

11/9/12 - This is a special episode sponsored by WWRL and offered in response to the outpouring of calls we have received from those affected by hurricane Sandy, those offering services, and those leading relief efforts. During the program we are joined by State Senator Marty Golden and Senator-Elect James Sanders who provide information on ongoing efforts within their communities.

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Hurricane Sandy - 2 hour special Episode

11/1/12 - From October 28th into the 29th, New York City was hit with hurricane Sandy. The bull’s-eye locally was the eastern shores of Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, lower Manhattan and the Jersey Shore. At the height of the storm, water surges flooded whole communities, gutted neighborhoods and took the lives of over 40 people in New York City
alone. In its aftermath, the storm left millions without electrical power and basic services.

Traumatizing events like hurricanes can destroy our sense of the world as safe and predictable. It is common for people to feel grief, sadness, shock and anger. These feelings are then later followed by resignation and a resolve to return to normalcy—the need to get back into the routine of daily life, the desire to rebuild homes and neighborhoods, and restore connections among family and friends- ALL OF THESE ARE PART OF A NORMAL PROCESS.

The notion of a disrupted routine, especially in the midst of a disaster, can wreak havoc on our psychological and emotional
well-being. While we are physically rebuilding, we are also desperate to mentally rebuild. We crave our creature comforts; cell phones, internet, commutes to work. For some of us, these things will be restored quickly. For others, it will take time.

The scope of loss has varied greatly in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Some have lost loved ones, others have lost their homes or have had serious damage, some have lost power, or internet and phone service, and others have been inconvenienced. The widespread, varied damage can lead to feelings of guilt, and leave us wondering why we may have been spared, while our neighbor has lost everything.

It is important to understand that "normal" is not black or white, especially during disaster recovery. Most disaster survivors are NORMAL PEOPLE responding to an abnormal event and we need to avoid pathologizing or viewing people as sick because of their response to the event. How soon is too soon to begin to get back to normal? Go on with planned events? What is the line between resilience and respect?

For more information on how you can help in the relief effort, go to the following websites:

NYC 311 -
Feeding America -
NYULocal -
Disaster Assistance -
American Red Cross -

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"Maintaining the physical"- 10/25/12 - Are YOU a Family Caregiver? If you provide regular and unpaid care to a loved one, YOU are a caregiver. We are joined this week by Sheila Warnock author of "Share the Care" and Dr. Robin Finley from the Department of Aging in a conversations that focuses .  This is the second of a seven part series sponsored by Emblem Health focused on caring for the family caregiver.

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Dr Fritz Galette attended the 2012 GLBT Pride Parade in Staten Island and was able to interview State Senatore Diane Savino, Mathew Tutone, Citycouncilwomam Debbie Rose

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We are talking to Ila Lane Gross the founder of LEAP, an organization that has been providing art and music education in the schools since 1977 and has directly taught over two million students and counting. During this episode we talk about the need for art and music education in our school systems and the psychology of how this inclusion can facilitate the learning of other subjects including math and science. Air Date 5/31/12

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Mindful Eating - Interview with Joy Pierson, Bart Potenza and Sten Ulfsson

Dr. Fritz and Melissa are focusing "MINDFUL EATING" and the effects of food on our mood and behavior. Our guests include Bart Potenza and Joy Pierson of the internationally known and celebrity frequented Candle Cafe (, and Vegetarian Swedish Comedian Sten Ulfsson. We are treated to a call from Dr. Susan Albers author numerous books on the topic mindful eating (

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