Programs examine important topics and issues impacting all of us through the lens of health and wellness. We highlight the questions, challenges and struggles people typically face in everyday life. In each of our programs we clarify the issues and provide useful information, pragmatic tips, and resources.

Dr. Fritz Galette and Melissa Nicoletti are joined by Bruce Knotts of Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office and Reverend Jerry Troyer. During this episode we talk about free speech and how the Chick-Fil-A controversy, as well as other media side-shows, distract us from deeper issues. Where do we draw the line on free speech? Is there a line? What is selective indignation? Where does free speech go to far? How do we defend those rights?

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How to find our your life’s purpose, if you don’t already know it? How to keep moving forward in your purpose when life presents you with challenges? Dr Fritz is joined by Klay Williams the author of There is only plan A. Listen in as they talk about how self awareness, beliefs, self love and persistence can help you reach your life purpose.

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The Psychology of (M)otherhood

Dr. Fritz Galette and co-host Melissa Nicoletti delve into the psychology of motherhood. Is motherhood something intrinsic to all women? Do women naturally know how to parent? Why do we let men off the hook so easily? Joining Dr Fritz & Melissa are Joy Rose, founder of the Museum of Motherhood in NYC, comedian/actress/writer Sherry Davey and writer/blogger Varda Steinhardt.

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The Psychology of Superheroes

Why are people so attracted to superheroes? Are superheroes only what we think of in comic books, and the movies? Are there any real living superheroes among us? During this episode we are joined by Lou Ferrigno, Thor Parker, Howard Latting, Robin Rosenberg, and Danny Fingerroth for an interesting conversation. Who is your favorite superhero?

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Finding your health and wellness sweet spot

How do you stay committed to your health? How do you set sustainable goals? How do you make exercise more enjoyable? We talk again with health coach Lisa Priestly about commitment to health and wellness and the three Circles of Health:

  • Fitness - daily movement to maintain health and body function
  • Fuel - whole food eating, organic healthy choices to provide energy and vitality
  • Focus - Focus the mind on creating what we want to achieve - focusing on the can dos and giving our selves the quiet and reflective time to be introspective, connect our higher self and our ability to know what is needed

During this podcast we also explore ways to find comfort beyond 'comfort foods/eating' and pointers on how to structure our health and fitness programs for success.

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