Programs examine important topics and issues impacting all of us through the lens of health and wellness. We highlight the questions, challenges and struggles people typically face in everyday life. In each of our programs we clarify the issues and provide useful information, pragmatic tips, and resources.
Live Show: Prevention and Suicide

6/13/13 - Suicide is one the leading cause of death in people ages 10 to 24 and rates have been rising in recent years. During this hour we talk about what can be done to address this serious issue. Discussed are warning signs ways to talk to someone who is in distress. If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255).

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Making Marriage Simple

5/23/13 - We are joined once again by Dr. Hendrix to talk about how to change the relationship you have into the relationship you want. Listen in as we talk about the relationship revolution, no negativity, and getting the love you want.

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At risk youth: The Artest Foundation

5/16/13 - During this hour we are joined by Mr. Ron Artest Sr. and Jennifer Edwards of The Artest Foundation to talk about "at risk" youth and what their organization is doing to address this issue.


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Episode 76 - 4/4/13 - Dr. Fritz and Melissa are talking about BOILING FROG SYNDROME.'s not a formal clinical syndrome. It refers to a tendency to stay in a bad situation much longer than one should. 

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Special episode - Interview with students artists from

During this episode we hear from middle school students from New York City public schools representing each of the five boroughs. These students took part in the largest student art exhibition in the history of NYC parks. Administered by, the students in ten different schools transformed lunchroom tables into beautiful and meaningful works of art addressing important social issues in their communities.

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